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Days and Days and Days like these

Director’s (Mr Harnon) notes on the Play: 

In structure it is complex, persuing a largely linear narrative that demands the audience piece together the story from a series of disjointed scenes; Each scene working as a small play in its own right, hinting towards a Brechtian influence and structure.

Each scene a mini play…. What would they be called?

  1. There will be days and days and days like these
  1. Offspring
  1. Waking up, making up and hating her again
  1. On teenage love
  1. The Four of Us; dancing together when we thought it would always be that way.
  1. Ecstasy
  1. Depression
  1. Sailing boats
  1. Being someone (all bones and skin and hair and black eyeliner)
  1.  Susan: A-Level Drama
  1. Romance is Dead
  1. Memories and shoe-boxes


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